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Navigation Drawer and ActionBarSherlock, working in Devices pre HC

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Today I want to share my latest project, one that you really need it. Recently Google update the support package to revision 13. With this new revision google introduce a new UX Component that was approved by Matias Duarte days ago and that is why they included in latest support library.

ActionBarSherlock and support library

ActionBarSherlock (ABS) is an Android library developed by Jake Wharton, if you don't know about him or his projects check his github user:

The goal of this project is to provide the Action Bar component, introduced in Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich, for pre Honeycomb devices.
As is expected to achieve this goal ActionBarSherlock use the Android support package, and here lies the problem: the Android Support package that use is old and is not up to date.

Sherlock Navigation Drawer

To solve this problem I developed this project. The goal of this project is to use the new Navigation Drawer that comes with Android Support revision 13 and make it available for pre Honeycomb Devices.
It should work exactly as Google Drive app works, for Android 2.2+.

As usual the project is hosted in Github with Apache Licence. Feel free to use it, leave comments and everything you want.

SherlockNavigationDrawer link

You can download the Demo app from the Google Play:

Google Play Link

NOTE: I will update this post in these days to show and explain a little bit the code.

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